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A diverse global community with a shared passion for finance 

Who We Are

Focus Finance brings together exceptional young finance professionals at top universities across four continents,  that are bound with a shared vision of redefining student-led financial research.

We do this through our dual commitment to deliver focused professional research reports and insightful real-time financial news coverage alongside building long-lasting connections for positive impact between our network of analysts, partners, and members and the wider community through our non- profit ventures.

We are a close-knit community. We build strong friendships between like-minded students around the globe from an incredibly diverse set of backgrounds through team projects that are structured around collaboration and communication.

What We Do

Our analysts keep their ears to the ground to create succinct and timely daily coverage of the most exciting developments across the financial landscape.


Our weekly and quarterly sector specific research covers the most important details on global and local trends and events as well as generating original analytics on their implications. 


We hand select experienced international teams to work together on each project, providing unparalleled opinion differentiation and depth of insight, that creates remarkable research that we are truly proud of.

How We Work

Our people are our greatest asset, and we pride ourselves on providing unique networking and personal growth opportunities for all of our employees and members.

We strive to supply every Focus Finance member with the right technical toolkit to excel as a professional through a bespoke analyst training program, and give edge in employability by an unrivalled mentorship opportunity with older, more experienced members interning at top tier firms.

We commit to maintaining a high degree of upward mobility and encourage analysts to take lead in individual projects, with many regularly stepping into project lead positions, constantly growing our product offerings.

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Our Universities

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