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Ready to step up your finance game?

Join the leading global student-run financial research network. Spanning 4 continents, our team is made up of over 100 of the brightest minds from 35 of the world's best universities. Our members participate in meaningful work experience while building a global network of friends. 

Why Focus Finance?

Our Research Divisions

Have a look at our research roles below. Based on your division preferences and our business needs, you’ll be allocated to a division for the remainder of the recruitment process.




We pitch potential Mergers, Acquisitions, and major corporate transactions. Our teams dive into proxies and earnings calls, utilize advanced AI software, and more. We identify and outline the rationale of both the buyer and seller, underlying trends, market and product opportunities, and key industry consequences of the deals.

Openings Available


Trends Division

Our trend reports analyze how innovations and market catalysts impact respective regions and industries. This is an opportunity for our analysts to add a creative spin on financial analysis. Our flexible approach to these reports allows the authors to approach the trends in their own way.

Openings available


News Division

Our News division produces engaging content daily for all Focus Finance viewership. Over a variety of social media accounts, covering different areas, you will have the chance to work on short news flash stories and more in-depth analysis of the most recent financial news. It represents  a  great introductory opportunity to improve your commercial awareness.

Openings available


Equities Division

Our equity research and technical analysis products give insight into stocks and equities. We conduct
fundamental analysis of a company, perform technical analysis, build valuation models, understand organization's business models and predict future movements in stock prices.



Openings available

Support Functions

Human Resources Analyst

Openings available

Business Support Analyst

Openings available

Diversity and Inclusion Associate

Openings available

Project Manager Web Development

Openings available

"Being able to collaborate and learn from such driven individuals has been a rewarding experience."
Steven Skorma
  • What does the recruitment process look like for research divisions?
    Apply online with a CV/resume and covering letter Digital Meet and Greet (an asynchronous short video interview) Sample report writing Final behavioural and technical interview Applicants receive full information and guidance on each step by email.
  • What’s the recruitment timeline for research divisions?
    We accept applications year-round, but we screen and assess candidates based on monthly volumes You can apply online at any time throughout a given month At the beginning of the month following your application, you will be asked to complete the digital Meet and Greet, and the Recruitment Committee (Human Capital and several heads or associates) will then select candidates for the report writing stage Once the deadline for report writing has passed, submissions will be evaluated and commented by selected business heads We invite candidates for an interview and extend offers to the successful ones For example: if you apply on the 21st of March, you may receive the Meet and Greet step by the first week of April (most likely April 1st), and then you will receive the report writing step only after being benchmarked against other candidates.
  • Why do you have such a thorough recruitment process for research positions?
    Based on our experience, we realized that we need a better benchmark for our candidates. We want to have a more efficient grasp of the quality and skill level of the candidates while considering diversity and inclusivity factors as well. To ensure the high quality of our member experience, we signficantly expanded our report teams involvement in our recruiting efforts to better spot and assess high-calibre talent and a good fit of your talents to your position.
  • What does the recruitment process look like for support divisions?
    All support functions openings are considered on a rolling basis. For support openings, we involve only the Human Capital team and the support division head. Apply online with your CV/resume and covering letter (check job description) Solve a digital assessment (numerical and situational judgement assessment or video immersive practical interview) Final interview covering behavioural and competency-based questions (depending on the job, we may also ask you to complete a management-based case study or include technical questions)
  • What should I do if I’m interested in more than one opening?
    We are fully aware that Focus Finance offers several exciting and challenging initiatives. If you have multiple divisions you are interested in, make sure they are reflected in your ranked division preferences. You will have the option to express your interest in other divisions throughout the recruitment process and during onboarding.
  • How can I prepare for each step of the recruitment process?
    We created the Apply, Meet, Write, Impress, Join preparation material to help you navigate each step of the recruitment process, both for research and support positions. Visit the HR Contact page, scroll down to the Application & Recruitment Assistance, and click on the designated hyperlink.
  • What happens if I’m rejected at any stage in the process?
    We’re genuinely sorry about this – we know this is far from good news. Following the EU's GDPR, we will store your candidate profile and let you know in case more suitable openings pop up. You can also join our Talent Pool following the link at the bottom of this page to receive new openings and more advice from the Recruitment Team.
  • I'm a final year Bachelor student. Should I apply?
    We encourage you to do so. In the application form, you will need to state your expected graduation date, and if you are a final year student, to indicate whether you plan on undertaking a Master's degree or joining the workforce. If you are not sure, please contact the Recruitment Team using the HR Contact page.
  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions about recruitment or my application?
    The Human Capital Management team who coordinates recruitment can be contacted using this page.

Join Our Talent Network

Reach out if you have any questions and if you would like to be part of the Focus Finance Family.

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