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Why General Motors Should Acquire Plug Power

By Blanka Mona (University of Edinburgh), Alexandros Assiotis (King’s College London), Buzz Fann (University of California, Los Angeles), Xavier Orler (University of St. Gallen) and Jimmy Wang (Western University)

General Motors' acquisition of Plug Power would provide the acquirer with a greatly needed increase in its foothold in the rapidly growing Electric Vehicles market. This deal would allow GM to diversify its EV position as FCEV could provide a profitable alternative to the highly competitive BEV market.

Also, the acquisition would help GM catch up with the industry much faster than would be possible through organic growth. Although Plug Power is a risky company to acquire, reflected in its recent stock price fluctuations, the hydrogen fuel cell solutions of this company would be a valuable asset to GM.

This report was supported by Sealk's AI-powered deal sourcing technology.

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