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Volkswagen Gets $9.2B Offer To Buy Iconic Supercar Brand Lamborghini

Volkswagen AG received an offer on Monday from a group formed by Quantum Group AG and Centricus Asset Management to buy the iconic supercar brand Lamborghini for $9.2 billion.

The Lamborghini brand has remained strong in recent years despite the rise of EVs, some of which compete in the same ultra-wealthy demographic. This strength has been clearly demonstrated in its sales numbers. In 2020, the company had one of its best years ever in the midst of a global pandemic, second only to the incredible year the company reported in 2019.

As asset prices have risen due to aggressive fiscal and monetary policy around the world, the wealthy individuals which Lamborghini counts as its customers have benefitted the most, supporting demand for its cars.

While the offer hasn’t been officially turned down by Volkswagen and there have been repeated conversations about selling off the brand, an Audi (another VW subsidiary) spokesperson did seem to dismiss the idea in a statement.


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