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The Rise of Cryptocurrency

By Aidan Berry (University of California, Los Angeles), Florian Steinmann (Queen’s University), Francisco Mompeán (IE University) and Zachariah Zhou (McGill University)

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As markets continue to fluctuate, there is no industry more volatile than that of cryptocurrency. With a rapid increase in investors and adoption, the market has seen unprecedented growth over the past two years.

This exponential growth may seem arbitrary, but cryptocurrency has been waiting to burst onto the scene for well over a decade. From the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008 to a Shiba Inu conquering Twitter and market caps, the industries’ history and maturation have been extremely eruptive.

We believe that this growth will be sustained, catalyzed through integration within foreign nations and contingent on regulatory factors. As inflation concerns loom large, alternative mediums of exchange will arrive in the form of digital coins, resulting in a 30% growth rate for the industry through 2026.

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