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The EU’s New Digital Law Proposals Look To Further Limit Big Tech

The European Commission has presented a draft on two new policy proposals today that will arguably have major implications on how big tech companies operate in Europe. This establishes an important tool for EU policy to regulate digital services beyond the limited scope of Antitrust lawsuits.

The proposal includes two concrete legislative drafts. The “Digital Services Act” is aimed to create a more level playing field by putting forward a clear set of rules and responsibilities for digital service providers. The “Digital Markets Act” is targeted at “Gatekeeper” companies that leverage their market power to set the rules for consumers. A “black list” of prohibited practices is aimed to limit their dominance.

What exact implications the legislative proposals will bring can not yet be foreseen. But if adapted, it might establish the European Union as policy leader in the digital space and drastically change corporate capabilities in favour of citizens rights.


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