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Tencent – The OneStop Shop Dominating the Chinese Market

By Spyros Maris (University of Glasgow), Luca Poeschl (University of St. Gallen), Alvaro Bernal (King’s College London), Alan Li (University of Toronto), Marco Cantonetti (ESCP)

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In our latest equity research report, we take a look at Tencent, a global leader spearheading technological innovation and development company worth $750 Billion and growing 30% Year over Year. Initially established in 1998 as a messaging service, Tencent has quickly evolved to be at the forefront of high-growth industries while simultaneously possessing one of the most influential investment portfolios in the world of technology. Tencent’s unique and impressive ecosystem has WeChat at the forefront, integrating fintech, cloud, social network and shopping.

Operating in the growth-primed Chinese market, Tencent has been able to exert its competitive advantage through unparalleled scalability and rich market opportunities with key partners, including the Chinese government. Moreover, this advantage is combined with record-shattering M&A deals by volume, helping drive synergies across Tencent's extensive service offerings.

Leveraging industry tailwinds, we expect Tencent to outperform the market while combining both value and growth.

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