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Starbase, Texas: Elon Musk’s Aspirations To Build A City For SpaceX

On Tuesday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk disclosed his plans to create his own city called “Starbase” around the launch site of his aerospace company SpaceX. In a series of Tweets the tech mogul stated that Starbase would occupy an area “much larger than Boca Chica,” the southwest Texas town where SpaceX has built its launch center.

His newest ambitious project will, however, require a series of bureaucratic steps including local residents signing a petition on the incorporation of the town.

If the legislative process works out, SpaceX would have the authority to pass their own local laws. The rocket-manufacturer has effectively already put ownership claims over the town by purchasing a majority of its homes.

Musk’s recent desires to build a corporate city is in line with his grand strategy to move a majority of his companies’ operations to Texas. A new SpaceX facility in Austin has already been announced, and in July 2020, Tesla said its new gigafactory will be built just outside the state’s capital city.


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