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Siemens Acquires Nextflow Software To Enhance Its Software Portfolio

Siemens has announced that it acquired Nextflow Software, a company focused on providing advanced particle-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions.

For Siemens, the addition of Nextflow Software’s Smooth-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) technology into the Simcenter portfolio can enable analysts to leverage the complementary nature of meshless and mesh-based solvers to capitalize on each of their strengths.

According to Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, a Senior Vice President at Siemens “Meshless technology has emerged as a leading solution to greatly reduce the setup and solving times for this class of problems, accelerating time to results and prove the behavior of products at a reduced time and cost.”

For Nextflow Software, getting acquired by Siemens means that they can expand the scope of CFD simulation for their customers. Additionally, Nextflow Software’s SPH solutions complement the existing CFD offering in the Simcenter Portfolio to overcome challenges of complexity and long run-times.


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