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Shares Of Wish Slide After Initial Public Offering, Dashing Cold Water On A Hot IPO Market

ContextLogic (Nasdaq: Wish), the parent company of the California-based e-commerce platform Wish, went public on Wednesday. Wish is known for offering 150 million discounted items from more than 500,000 merchants, mostly from China. Wish has more than 100 million monthly active users.

On Wednesday “Wish” started trading on Nasdaq. It raised $1.1 billion dollars, pricing shares at $24, at the high range, giving a valuation of $17 billion. It was previously valued at $1.2bn in its latest private round led by General Atlantic last year.

However, the IPO fell below the expectations opening below the IPO price and plunging by double digits. Although 2020 has been the best-performing year for US IPOs ever raising $149Bn, around $40Bn more than in 2000, Wish did not manage to take advantage of the hype.

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