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Revamped Business Model Leads to Sustainable Long-Term Bottom-Line Growth

By Ryan Lim (Northeastern), Max Rosmuller (HSG), Justus Zenneck (HSG)

& Vinay Sohal (Warwick)

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The American software company Palantir is addressing concerns about its ability to become profitable by revamping its rapidly expanding commercial business model to become less customized and more standardized. Palantir aspires to establish its software as the industry standard, and its new business model is going to be instrumental in helping the big data company get there through increased scalability as well as improve its bottom line performance.

Although Palantir’s customer mix is heavily concentrated in governmental agencies which leaves it open to political risk, the company is aggressively growing their commercial segment through partnerships with industry leaders like Airbus and IBM, making it all the more enticing for industry players to onboard Foundry, Palantir’s commercial offering, into their organizations.

Will this be enough to fulfil the lofty expectations placed upon the software company and help it eventually breakeven?

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