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Relay Therapeutics Announces Its Acquisition Of ZebiAI With $85M Upfront

Relay Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RLAY) has announced the acquisition of ZebiAI. Relay is set to pay $85M upfront, which is comprised of $20M in cash and $65M in common stock.

Relay Therapeutics is a clinical-stage precision medicine company attempting to transform the drug discovery process by combining leading edge computational and experimental technologies. ZebiAI is a pioneer in the Drug Discovery space.

ZebiAI builds on Relay Therapeutics’ approach by bringing a massive library of curated experimental data, validated machine learning models, a collaboration with Google’s Accelerated Science Group to continue to build this computational capability, and a team with deep expertise in ML-DEL.

Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli, Ph.D., chief learning officer of ZebiAI and assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology will join Relay Therapeutics as an advisor and recently said “We believe the combination of Relay Therapeutics’ proven track record of integrating computational and experimental technologies to bring medicines into clinical development with ZebiAI’s extensive experimental data sets and ML-DEL capabilities will push the boundaries of what is possible in drug discovery.”


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