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Maximus Expands Healthcare Services with $1.4B Acquisition of VES

Maximus announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Veterans Evaluation Services, Inc. (VES). The total price tag for the acquisition is estimated at $1.4 billion. The deal as it stands now will be dilutive for the fiscal year of 2021 but is expected to be accretive in future fiscal periods.

VES is a privately-held firm that serves the U.S. Department of Veterans affairs through providing medical examinations to veterans to assess them for disability compensation and similar situations. Maximus also works primarily with the U.S. federal government and its private industry contractors to outsource logistics and program management.

The deal marks another move by Maximus to continue expanding its clinical business process outsourcing service. The company also hopes to take advantage of VES’s experience and existing infrastructure to expand smoothly and rapidly into this field.

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