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Mass Layoffs Show The House Of Mouse Is Under Pressure

There are 28,000 newly unemployed people today who likely no longer think the Disney parks are the happiest place on earth. Seven months into the pandemic, the media conglomerate has finally made the decision to lay off thousands of workers who have been on furlough.

In a letter to employees, the chairman of Disney parks said, “We’ve cut expenses, suspended capital projects, furloughed our cast members while still paying benefits, and modified our operations to run as efficiently as possible, however, we simply cannot responsibly stay fully staffed while operating at such limited capacity.”

The statement clearly demonstrates the pressure the parks division has been under since the pandemic began. It also calls to attention the stark contrast between the current policy and the crowds and aggressive investment which has become the norm in recent years.

While Disney’s streaming services like Hulu, ESPN+, and of course Disney+ have been a bright spot for the company, those gains are more than offset by the hit the studios and parks have taken.


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