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Growth of the Streaming Industry

By Aidan Berry (University of California, Los Angeles), Florian Steinmann (Queen’s University), Francisco Mompeán (IE University) and Zachariah Zhou (McGill University)

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The pandemic further accelerated an industry that was already on a meteoric rise. Streaming has taken over the entertainment landscape, with several companies boasting over 100 million subscribers.

This growth has resulted in an extremely fragmented market, with many notable competitors being introduced as recently as 2020. With such fierce competition, companies are looking towards a wide variety of growth strategies, such as acquisitions, in-house production, and diversified entertainment.

As the streaming wars continue to wage on, there will be many key components to be wary of, such as international competition, consolidation, and regulatory concerns. Regardless, the pandemic cemented the transition from cable to streaming, and we do not expect this growth to simmer any time soon.

Read more about the state of streaming and its outlook by reading the report Here!


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