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Enterprise Software Company QAD Confirms Acquisition Of Foreign-Trade Zone

QAD, an enterprise software company that supports manufacturing companies, has announced that it has acquired Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation (FTZ). While the exact terms of the deal have not been made public, the transaction has officially been finalized.

FTZ, which offers consulting services specifically to manufacturers and distributors operating partially or entirely in foreign-trade zones, will become QAD Precision Foreign-Trade Zone. This speaks to the strategic nature of the deal; QAD’s primary focus is to integrate FTZ’s software with its own enterprise software offerings.

QAD has stated an intention for its enterprise software platform, QAD Precision, to become a “one-stop shop” for manufacturing and distributing corporations.

FTZ offers its own enterprise software platform called SmartZone that makes it easier for companies to navigate the intricacies of working in foreign-trade zones, and this platform will be absorbed into QAD Precision to make the platform more universally useful to QAD customers.


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