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Disney Investor Day Supercharges Its Streaming Service And Its Stock Price

Disney+ has already been a massive success for the media conglomerate. The company just announced it has reached 86.8 million subscribers in just over a year since its launch. However aside from The Mandalorian, which has been a breakout hit, the service’s original content has been lacking.

But this week, in a slew of announcements, Disney showed that it’s doubling down on the streaming service. Marvel and Lucasfilm each committed to having 10 new projects on Disney+ within a few years, while Disney Animation and Pixar committed to 15 new projects. These high profile projects are in addition to dozens of other shows and movies announced from less high-profile studios within the company.

While the announcements regarding new projects were certainly encouraging, there was one number that really caught the eyes of investors. At first launch, Disney set a target of 60-90 million subscribers for the service by 2024. Now, the company has increased that target to between 230 and 260 million subscribers by late 2024. To put that number in context, Netflix currently has just under 200 million.

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