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BlackBerry Shares Soar By 35% In Anticipation of Amazon Collaboration

For a long time, the former Canadian Smartphone heavyweight BlackBerry (BB) has been relatively quiet. After the downfall of their core business in Smartphones, BlackBerry has made a turnaround and transformed into a B2B security specialist, providing services in information integration. Their efforts are seemingly bearing fruit, as the company announced its joint project with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new collaboration is built upon a successful past of providing vehicle security services together with AWS. It is expected to develop an “Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform” (IVY), a cloud-based automobile software allowing automakers access to vehicle sensor data. It’s aimed to improve and develop services indicating road conditions, optimizing driver performance, and efficient battery usage for EV’s.

BlackBerry shares closed up over 19% and rose further after hours following the announced joint development of the data platform IVY. IVY is expected to begin to be included in 2023-model vehicles.


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