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Atkore Acquires Fiberglass Manufacturer FRE Composites Group

Atkore, a leading provider of electrical, safety, and infrastructure solutions, announced its acquisition of the fiberglass conduit solutions industry leader FRE Composites Group.

FRE Composites has industry experience of several decades, and this would help Atkore expand its conduit product portfolio. The company manufactures lightweight, corrosion resistant, and easy to install fiberglass conduit systems.

In a statement, Benoit Arsenault, the president of FRE Composites, said he is “proud that [FRE Composites® Group] will join the Atkore team, who has a similar focus on providing quality products and delivering value to the customer.”

John Pregenzer, President of Atkore’s Electrical business, says that he is “excited to help support their mission in becoming the customer’s first choice.”


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