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Advent Technologies Acquires UltraCell, An Industry Leader In Fuel Cell Technology

Advent technologies has announced its acquisition of UltraCell, which is the fuel cell division of Bren-Tronics. UltraCell is known to be a leader in the lightweight fuel cell technology space. The acquisition was announced Monday, four days after its completion on February 18, 2021.

The technology in UltraCell’s can be used with either hydrogen or liquid fuel and the energy solution is 3-25x lighter than traditional batteries. They can also function in extremely challenging climates, as is reflected by the technology’s current field deployment by NATO allied military and security agencies.

In a statement, Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou, Advent’s CEO & Founder, commented “We believe our next-generation HT-PEM technology that we co-develop with the US Department of Energy, combined with UltraCell’s expertise and lightweight stack innovations, is an unbeatable combination.”

Advent is hoping for a smooth combination considering the two companies have been frequent partners and past and current projects.


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