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International Fintech Startup Challenge


Every great team is backed by a diverse network of mentors giving them the guidance they need to bring their ideas to Life


New mentors and partners will be revealed each week!

What is Disrupt Finance?

Ten teams will compete to design, map out, and pitch an innovative technological solution to a problem in finance. Throughout the competition, your team will receive hands-on mentorship from leading professionals with experience in early stage investing, entrepreneurship, fintech, financial services, and engineering. 

Competition: July 10th-11th
Application Deadline: June 15th

*If you apply individually, we will place you on a great team with complementary skills

Why Should I Participate?

If you are passionate about finance, technology, or entrepreneurship, Disrupt Finance is for you. As a participant, you will have access to the following:

  • International Network - Work with a global team of bright and ambitious students capable of tackling all the challenges of building a startup

  • Team Mentorship - Ask your questions to founders, investors, and professionals with a variety of unique perspectives and lessons

  • Impact - Develop solutions for challenging problems in finance that will have the potential to have a lasting impact

When is it?

  • July 5-9: Getting to know each other, optional workshops, and networking

  • July 10-11: Mentorship and Startup Challenge

  • July 13: Finals and more optional networking

Who Can Apply?

Talented individuals from all backgrounds are welcome and the competition is free! You can apply to participate in any of these five roles: 

  • Project Manager - The team member who envisions the startup roadmap and product lifecycle, coordinating and motivating the rest of the team

  • Finance - Deep understanding of the financial services industry as well as the ability to create financial models and pitch investors

  • Software Engineer - Can develop a technical roadmap to take the startup to market. A broad understanding of computer science and engineering

  • Marketing/Sales - Can envision the sales channels, identify the customer segment, and implement the process to attract the first customer and the hundredth

  • Designer - Can use web prototyping tools and graphic design software. Experience in UX/UI design and ability to create full-scale mockups

We are looking for diverse applicants that demonstrate ambition and intellectual curiosity. If you do not have a background in fintech or extensive technical experience you should still apply!

How Can I Get Involved as a Professional?

Do you want to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs and inspire students around the globe? Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Mentor - Spend one hour on July 10th or 11th on a call with a student team providing feedback on their project and sharing your expertise

  • Teacher - Coordinate a virtual workshop teaching a specific area of expertise, this will be held at a time convenient for you the week of July 5th

  • Judge - Evaluate the finalist's go to market pitches at a live-streamed event on July 13th 

All contributing professionals will be invited to optional networking sessions

If you are interested, book a time to meet with the competition hosts at this link

Meet the Team


Email with any questions (We reply quickly!)

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