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Timberland, Vans, And The North Face Parent Buys Supreme For $2.1B

VF Corporation, the parent company of major apparel brands like Timberland, Vans, and The North Face, announced today that it would be adding Supreme to its portfolio. While Supreme’s 26 year history pales in comparison to VF Corp, which was founded in 1899, its logo has quickly become one of the most recognizable in popular culture.

Clothing brands have been amongst the hardest hit categories by the Coronavirus outbreak. Supply chains have been disrupted and retail locations, which are the main distribution channel for most brands, have been shuttered. VF Corp has been included in this category.

However, a major advantage of this transaction is that one of Supreme’s main distribution channels is its online store. The deal is expected to contribute $500 million to 2022 revenue and $0.20 to adjusted EPS.


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