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The UK Approves A Second Vaccine While Strict Restrictions Are Imposed As Cases Spike

On Wednesday, the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency granted an emergency authorization to the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca (AZN)-Oxford making the UK the first country to approve it.

It will be rolled out from the 4th of January and the UK has ordered 100 million doses, enough to vaccinate 50 million people. The second dose will be given 4-12 weeks after the first.

It will be sold at cost ($3-4/dose). AstraZeneca’s stock price rose slightly as it is unlikely that the vaccine will increase AZN’s profitability.

Simultaneously, cases are surging, reaching an all-time high of 53,135 per day on Tuesday. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said more regions would be placed into the toughest Tier 4 category from Thursday as confirmed cases of a new and more transmissible strain of the virus increase.

With the country being in another lockdown and tougher restrictions being imposed, how long before we see light at the end of the tunnel?


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