IE Business School has teamed with Focus Finance to provide students with the opportunity to work in unison with a diverse international team to collaborate, create and close a real-life potential M&A deal in the Fall 2020 Close the Deal Competition.

Applications Closed: Check back next semester in early 2021

What does it mean to become an Originator?

M&A origination will ask you to employ your connections, entreprenurial ideas, and interpersonal skills like no other task in finance. You won't need technical skills to start with; instead, your mission as an originator is to see value where others have not, and then use your negotiating skills to bring two companies together. Creating and brokering a business deal is no easy task, but one that is rewarded with a generous origination fee. 

Whether a deal goes through or not, you will experience the process of originating business where there was none, making your vision into a reality as you attempt to Close the Deal.

Why Should I participate in Close the Deal?

Watch the video below to get an idea of what the experience offers and how it can help give you an edge in career recruiting. 

Not only will students be provided with mentorship and technical sessions, but successful participants will have the ability to present their findings to a panel of Investment Banking and Private Equity Professionals. Previous finalists have also earned material compensation as their deals have been put into practice, and many others have obtained internship and job offers as a direct result of their M&A Origination pitches!

  • Build your international network by teaming up with students worldwide

  • Benefit from having your own mentor working with your team, bringing unique insights into a number of different industries

  • Attend online technical sessions into M&A and Origination Skills

  • Learn how to Originate Business, a skill valued through the finance community as one of the key foundations for any Deal Maker

  • Present in front of a panel of Private Equity and Investment Banking professionals as a finalist

  • Originate a potential real-life M&A deal, helping companies create value and kickstarting your career in Investment Banking

When is Close the Deal?

  • Close the Deal M&A Competition will run between September and December 2020, start and finish dates TBD

  • Technical & Mentorship sessions will take place throughout the competition

  • The Final of the competition will be hosted in December 2020, date TBD

Where Will it Take Place?

From building your network, practising your pitch, improving your technical skills and presenting your findings; Close the Deal will be hosted completely online.

Am I Eligible?

Close the Deal M&A Competition is open to every student. No matter where you go to university, you can apply for the competition.

How to Apply?

Applications Closed: Check back next semester in early 2021

Applications close 2 October 2020

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